Introducing Paperchain Card

The only card that gives you instant access to your creative income.

Paperchain Wallet

An app built for creators, Paperchain is the home for creator income. Make your money, get paid everyday.

Digital first

A money app that shows you what you need to know when you login every morning — how much money you made yesterday.


With easy card-locking and transaction notifications, we make sure you have complete control over when, where and how your Paperchain card is being used.


Create virtual cards in your wallet. Use your virtual card online while keeping your physical card safe.

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No hidden fees or minimum balance

Spend your money your way

No fee ATM withdrawals

We'll reimburse your ATM fees for the first 3 months

Money management

Instant spending notifications, insights and more

Paperchain pay

Instantly send or receive money from other Paperchain users for free

Member support

Chat with us in the app any time or day

Secure balances

Funds held at Evolve Bank, Member FDIC

Coming soon

Native app support

iOS and Android app support

Earn points, get cash back

Get up to 15x points when you swipe your card

Make money with money

May earn interest automatically on funds in your wallet

Digital dollar support

Automatically generate yield returns with DeFi wallet integration

Creator built and backed

We're creators and have built music technology and fintech platforms.
Now we're building the new creator finance layer.

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